All throughout his career, Rich has felt the need to understand the recording end of things. He first began experimenting with recording equipment in high school with his friends who had studios in their basements. After purchasing some decent inexpensive microphones to capture the sound of his drums, Rich began his journey into the world of production.

These days he keeps busy with his Pro Tools based home recording studio – DaSa Studios. In this space, he delivers high quality production of all kinds to his clients. Singer/songwriters can have fully produced songs with nearly endless amounts of instrumentation if desired. Need a drum track for a song your working on in your home studio or with another producer? No problem. Rich will record high quality drum tracks with his state of the art equipment and send them to you. Nothing is off the table including sound tracks for film or whatever style you’re into.

Because of his interaction with numerous musicians, Rich has a plethora of talent to pull from. Pretty much whatever kind of musical instrument you want, he will make it happen including female and male backing vocalists and instrumentalists of all kinds. If you prefer to keep the budget lower, Rich has a stocked library of great sounding samples.

Contact Rich for any of your production needs!

Drum kit in the studio



The CollingwoodThe Pitter-Patter of Little Everything (Producer/Mixer)Yes, Your Tide is Cold & Dark, Sir (Producer/Mixer)

Ball Cap Pat NutiniBarely Hangin’ In There (Producer/Mixer, Drums, Keys, Bass & Backing Vocals)

Gina GravesAnd We Rise  (Drum Tracks, Engineer)

NaffFamily Gathering (Producer/Mixer)

Jessica GraaeGypsy Blood (Engineer, Mixer, Percussion & Keys)

Vic HolvecRockabilly 1955 and 2010 (Producer/Mixer)

Rachel MinkSongs to the Stars (Mixer, Engineer, Drums)

Randy SmithMusic for Tomorrow (Producer/Mixer, Drums, Drum Programing, Percussion, Bass, Guitar & Keys)

Wicked Wayz WWI (Producer/Mixer)


Little InvisiblesCloser (Drum Tracks, Engineer)

A Date With JaneEP (Producer/Mixer, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar & Keys)

Canvas People – Self titled EP (Producer/Mixer/Mastered)


The Collingwood – Confetti (Single Release-Producer/Mixer, Drums, Percussion & Keys)

Minerva – Beautiful (Single Release-Producer/Mixer, Drums & Percussion); Minerva – Butterfly (Single Release-Engineer, Drums)

Hive Mind – Subject to Change (Producer/Mixer); Printer Paper (Producer/Mixer)

Joe Blaise – I Like My Beer The Best (Drum Tracks)

Natalie Bordley – The Introvert (Mastered); Dead to Me (Mastered)


Yes, Your Tide is Cold & Dark, SirWritten & Directed by Chris Malinowski (Producer/Mixer, Engineer Voiceover & Sound)

Fan Man – Short Film Written & Directed by Judy Tigani (Soundtrack Mixer, Engineer)

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